The Origin of the Moneybacker

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June 2, 2015
The Arizona Cardinals Are Back to Winning
October 11, 2016

I don’t know exactly when people started calling me a “moneybacker” but what I remember is during my rookie season, coach would continue to use me in defensive packages such as the “nickel” or “dime”, etc. which basically meant my position or role was to move up from the safety position and play “in the box” meaning closer to the defensive line.

Man, I really didn’t care where I played as long as I was on the field.  I’d do anything to help my team out and if they wanted me to play ”in the box” then that’s where I would play.  Later coach started using the symbol of $LB to identify my position on the board during meetings since I wasn’t a true safety, nor a true linebacker.  I prefer the name land shark.

God gave me the ability to play in the box (like a linebacker), as well as the ability to cover people (like a safety).  As long as I’m on the field helping my team out, that’s all that matters to me!


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