OTAs Have Started

The Origin of the Moneybacker
September 13, 2016

Well, the new season has officially started. OTAs started last week and it actually felt great to get back on the practice fields and to get back into a groove. Since I’m going into just my second season in the NFL, this is really my first real offseason. It’s nice to get back to a structured schedule and back to the basics.

Quite a few of the same guys are back with the team this year. Our secondary just keeps getting stronger and deeper, you can already feel the confidence we have in each other on and off the field from having a sense of continuity.

We have two more weeks of OTAs then it’s back to summer and offseason mode. OTAs are nice timing wise since you get everyone back together for some practice, but you still have six weeks or so after this is relax until the real season starts with training camps.

Thanks for following along, think my next blog will be about what I’m going to do with the last bit of the “real” offseason after these OTAs…Give you a little insight on who I am!

Bird Gang!


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